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United States

San Francisco

I guess it needs little introduction - the Golden Gate bridge.

The ' World's crookedest street ' - Lombard Street.

Arrival at Alcatraz just before it gets dark on our spooky night tour.

Not much to see out of Alcatraz's windows.

Not much space for the inmates.

Some even tried to escape - but failed....

Celia "left her heart in San Francisco..." Nothing like a good old cliche!


Easily the most worthy star on Hollywood Boulevard!

and Trigger came a close second, outside Mann´s Chinese Theatre!

Well, had to go to one theme park in the USA!

Las Vegas

Bright lights, CRAZY city!

and here's one person who has had too many free drinks in the Casinos!

Ah, the fountains outside Bellagio, one of the finest hotels on the Strip. We could only dream of staying there (but the free drinks in the Casino were good!)

Where else could you find the 'Grand Canal' but upstairs and inside the Venitian Casino? (which, by the way, also does great free drinks!)

New Orleans

You've got to take a paddle steam boat jazz cruise on the Mississippi when in Orleans.

Some of the floats housed at Mardis Gras World.

Oh dear, give Ceals a costume and look what happens...

Celia finds out if blondes really do have more fun!

Not to be outdone...

A familiar face on the wrong body?


Now come on, it really can't be that cold on Miami's South Beach!


The beautiful cobbled streets of Antigua - 1 hour away from Guatemala City.

Drying the washing, Guatemalan style!

The market in front of the wackily painted San Andres Xecul church.

Mayan ritual at the top of the hill overlooking San Andres Xecul.

Candles for sale as offerings to the demi-god of San Simon. Each colour represents a different meaning. e.g. green is for wealth and blue is for male health.

San Simon surrounded by his offerings. He is one of several worshipped by many in the Guatemalan highlands and this photo shows a local performing a ritual. We saw one version of San Simon smoking a lit cigarette and being given rum to drink!

Lake Atitlan and one of several volcanoes surrounding it.

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of Chi Chi market!

Not taking a break near Chi Chi market!

Celia starting the climb up to the top of Tikal's temple IV.

The view as the mist clears from above the jungle surrounding the mayan ruins at Tikal.

A hot and sweaty C & D opposite Temple I at Tikal...

...and needing a hot shower!      This is a typical example of a hot shower in central America, where the water is electrically heated above your head - notice the electrical wires sticking out!


Caribbean dreaming in Caye Caulker!


Sombreros for sale outside Merida's cathedral!

Viva Mexico! A scene from the Zocalo in Oaxaca during the fiesta to celebrate Mexico's independence.

A whole load of fresh fruit for sale in Puebla, the Spanish colonial city a couple of hours from Mexico City.

Beetlemania, Mexican Style! You can't move for them, and they are also used as taxis and the occasional police car!