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Here are a few of the photos we have taken on the first leg of the trip, starting in Helsinki, then China through to South East Asia.  Further pictures will appear as we travel with the latest ones at the bottom.

Finland - Helsinki

Always the first to try on a stupid hat! Or does she know that we were going to freeze our pants off in China a little later?


Some of the photos we took through our great trip in China - not necessarily in order, but they give you a flavour of our time there...

C & D at possibly one of the quietest spots on the Great Wall.

Cooking Sichezuan-style in the 'Street of Noshery'.

Some of the Terracotta soldiers in the first exhibition hall.

Sezchuan spices aplenty!

Celia 'pandaring' to the camera once again!

China's one child policy has let to accusations of producing a 'Little Emperor' syndrome - could this be true?

Getting mobbed at the Special School for children who are unable to speak or hear.

One serious village dude - I'll have what he's having

Clare (Intrepid Group leader), Philip and David sampling the different local teas.

A local paying respect at one of several monastries we visited.

Along the steps towards the Summit of Mount Emei are padlocks - Chinese people put them there as a symbol of 'locking themselves to Buddhism'

Watch out for the monkeys at Emei Mountain - they had their eyes on Celia most of the time!

Xian market butchers - forget Tescos this is far more healthy!

Serious steaming on the streets of Xian

'Progress' in Chengdu market is indicative of how fast-paced Chinese society can be. Many homes and city streets are demolished and often-characterless buildings replce them.

Something for the weekend Sir? Having your ears cleaned in a park on a Sunday is an experience not to be missed!

A view of the boat trip on the lesser three gorges

Chi, Phillip and David (on Camera) on the boat trip along the lesser 3 Gorges.

Fast food along the 3 Gorges - take a look at the fried quails on a stick...

At the end of the China trip - Ceals fancies a relaxing cupping session.

So bad we had to add a close up!

Hong Kong

Philip, Ellie, Hannah, Charlie & Clare enjoying a mango pancake from a Hong Kong bakery.

Sunset over Hong Kong Island.

C & D at the peak of Hong Kong Island, with Kowloon in the background.

C & D perusing the form guide at Hong Kong's International Races - not that it helped us make much money!

Too many Santas, Hong Kong style!

A bloke taking his pet bird for a walk and fresh air (no really!) at Hong Kong's bird market...


One of the gold figures at the shrine/temple to the Emerald Buddha - Bangkok

Largest solid gold Buddha in the world - 12m high and too heavy to wear around the neck!

C & D on Ao Phai beach, Koh Samet - 30 seconds away from our hut.

David, Celia, Ray and Louise - not the most flattering picture of Xmas dinner on Koh Samet!

Carol, Celia and Louise partying on Koh Samet.

Celia 'Bamboo' Jones negotiating the bridge across the river made from bamboo rafts - part of our 3 day trek north  of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

Hilltribe children in the Lahu village where we spent our first night on the trek in Northern Thailand.

C & D elephant trekking - this young one kept eating and dumping everywhere!

David, the SCARY "Miss Popular" and Celia on the Laos side of the border with northern Thailand. We'll never forget her!


Early morning on the Mekong - slow boat from the Laos border with Thailand to Louang Phabang.

C & D huddled on the slow boat - a great look!

Monks on the streets of Louang Phabang as part of the early morning alms giving ceremony.

Woman displaying her wares near the main temple in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos.

C & D inside the mouth of one of the weird sculptures in 'Buddha Park' - 30kms from Vientiane.

Woman cyclist as we passed through one of many villages on route 13 in Laos.


Some of the amazing fireworks over the lake in central Hanoi - part of the Tet celebration of the lunar new year.

An inlet by 'Surprising Cave' overlooking some of Ha long Bay, north eastern Vietnam.

3 young novice monks singing prayers at a ceremony at a temple we visited as part of a motorcycle tour near Hue. These boys, with their tufts of hair, only leave the temple for three days a year to spend Tet with their families.

Fruit seller inside the old Citadel in Hue.

Mr Phong (2nd from right) and his family - village tour 15km from Hoi An

Woman at the market in Mr Phong's village.

Celia inside the former secret entrance to one of the Cu Chi tunnels in Southern Vietmnam.


C & D at Ta Prohm or the 'JungleTemple' in the temple complex at Siam Reap.

2 of the 200 faces at Bayon Temple.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat - with the not\rthern reflecting pool in the foreground.

C & D at the childrens' centre near Battambang.

C & D about to travel back to Battambang on the 'Bamboo railway'.

Thailand (part 2)

David and a couple of friendly tigers at the Temple of Tigers, Kanchaburi.

Celia at the outside 'classroom' for diving lessons on Koh Tao.

Sairee beach, Koh Tao. 30 secs from our bungalow!


Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumphur - world's tallest building.


Close up of a leopard (this time behind glass!) at Singapore's 'Night Safari'

Not the most flattering of pictures, but the Singapore Slings at Raffles' Long Bar went down a treat...

Japan - these are on the Japan & Australasia photo page.